Rega’s superb new RP10 skeletal turntable features advanced components built around a radical new plinth design...
Totem Acoustic Kin Mini - size doesn't matter
Naim Statement - a new reference standard in high-end audio and music reproduction
Getting brilliant sound from your computer just got easier with the DAC-V1, Naim's asynchronous USB DAC
Naim's Uniti series just got even better, now supporting Airplay & Google Cast Audio
Muso is Naim's new wireless music system, designed to transform your music into incredible sonic experiences


Chord Company Deals


Our favourite cable brand Chord Company have recently reshuffled their lineup. To that end, we ha

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Earthquake Stock Clearance

Unfortunately some of our floor stock received some minor cosmetic damage as a result of the earthqu

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New Rega Planar turntables in stock now!

The wait is over - we now have the full re-worked, re-launched suite of Rega Planar turntables in st

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Mu-so Qb

The new mu-so Qb is back in stock, and is frequently pumping away in the shop. How Naim where able t

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Tidal, now available on all Naim streaming products

Tidal (a new streaming service offering lossless quality cloud-based music) is now available via a f

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Rega Speaker Runout!

If you're looking for a winter speaker upgrade, now's the time to come and see us! We're clearing st

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Totem Acoustic Kin Mini speakers

Totem Acoustic's newest speaker, the Kin Mini has just arrived in the country. Despite their small c

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