What is a Home Entertainment System?

These days, discriminating music-lovers and movie buffs love hidden multi-room entertainment systems that deliver high-quality, high-definition music and movies throughout the home. Home entertainment should be easy... just plug in your hi-fi or iPod and listen to your favourite music in any room you choose, or connect your DVD player or Sky box and TV to start watching a movie in one room and finish it in another... You can achieve this in a discrete, space-efficient and energy-efficient way with no unsightly black boxes! You can also choose to control your lighting, temperature, baby monitors and security systems and cameras.

How does it work?

Uncompressed and perfectly-synchronised music and video are streamed throughout your home over ethernet or a TCP/IP network (separate to your home computer network). All wires and cables and most of the equipment are hidden in walls or ceilings. Control your system using a keypad or touchscreen on the wall, a hand-held remote control device, or even a PC or laptop.

How do you choose the right system?

Our specialist home entertainment consultants will describe and demonstrate what’s possible and available in whole-house entertainment and control, but you’ll need to think about a few key things to aid your decision-making:

1. Timing: If you’re integrating your system into a building or renovating project, please involve us at the design stage so that we can work on the pre-wire with your electrician.

2. Budget: Work out what you can afford to spend. As a guide, a multi-room music system could cost as little as $5000 (plus installation fee)

3. Your Wish List: Build a home entertainment Wish List. Spend a little time in your favourite living spaces, get comfortable and think about how you might want to access and control your music, TV and movies. Think about what you might want to control; for example in your family room you can control your stereo and/or home theatre equipment, and you might want to automate the lighting, blinds, and heating. From other rooms you might want to do all of the above as well as control your security system and access your security cameras.

4. Controlling your System: Now that you know what you want to control and how you want to control it, decide your control options - in-wall touch screens, hand-held devices and remote controls, remote access etc. Important note: We’ve yet to complete a project where our customer hasn’t wanted to add more control devices!

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