Our favourite cable brand Chord Company have recently reshuffled their lineup. To that end, we have some cracking deals on their previous interconnect lines, from basic Crimson to high-end Signet.

Prices and availability as below:

Crimson RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $125, now $100

Limited stock

Cobra RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $180, now $144

Limited stock

Chameleon RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $250, now $200

Limited stock

Anthem Digital 1m - 1m single

RRP $400, now $320

One only

Cadenza Reference RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $425, now $340

One pair only

Chorus 2 RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $550, now $440 

Two pairs only

Chorus Reference RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $625, now $500

Limited stock

Chorus Reference RCA - DIN 1m

RRP $625, now $500

One pair only

Anthem 2 RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $750, now $600

One pair only

Signet RCA - RCA 1m

RRP $1165, now $935

One pair only

Unfortunately some of our floor stock received some minor cosmetic damage as a result of the earthquake. As such, we are selling the items listed below at a significantly discounted price. These prices are only on the floor stock, our loss is your gain! product inspections welcome. 


Rega Loudspeakers

RX3 Walnut                        $2,650 normally,    SOLD
RX5 Cherry $3,475 normally,    SOLD


Totem Acoustic Loudspeakers

Arro Cherry $2,850 normally,    $1,999 now
Sttaf Mahogany $3,675 normally,    SOLD
Hawk Cherry $5,650 normally,    $3,999 now
Forest Black $7,450 normally,    $4,999 now
Element Metal Black            $21,750 normally,  $14,999 now


Q Acoustics Loudspeakers

Concept 20 + Stands White   $1,800 normally,   $999 now



If you're looking for a winter speaker upgrade, now's the time to come and see us! We're clearing stock of Rega's popular RS range and there some real bargains to be had. With bookshelf speakers from $775 and floorstanders from $1450 we have something here for everyone. Limited stock and finishes available; get in quick!


The new mu-so Qb is back in stock, and is frequently pumping away in the shop. How Naim where able to coax such a big sound from such a small box is just a surprising every time we play it! Check it out in store now.


Mu so QB Group01 

Tidal (a new streaming service offering lossless quality cloud-based music) is now available via a firmware update for all Naim Uniti series, ND series streamers, and mu-so. Contact us or click here to learn more.

 TIDAL Arrives for Naim Streamers 2 resized

Totem Acoustic's newest speaker, the Kin Mini has just arrived in the country. Despite their small cabinet design, they give the lie to the idea that you need a large box and big driver to have fun. These speakers use fantastic dynamics and great imaging to put the fun back into compact audio. They're perfect for a small room or a desktop audio setup. We think these plus the Naim DAC-V1 and NAP100 (recently reviewed by are a winning combo.

Below: a little perspective - the Kin Mini next to a Totem Dreamcatcher.





Introducing Muso - Naim's first wireless integrated music system.

Naim has combined their constant research and long standing expertise in streaming, amplifier and loudspeakers to bring you their latest creation. The Muso will redefine all-in-one streaming performance, with six active speakers and unparalled connectivity to your digital music libraries.

Features: AirPlay, UPnP™ , Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Streaming Services, USB, Digital Input (Optical), 3.5mm Analogue Input, Multiroom capability, Muso custom-designed Naim Control App.

Available in store now.